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How to further metrology study from machine design approach?

  1. May 2, 2017 #1
    I have metrology in my 4 semester in Bachelor's of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. However, the books that we get (Engineering Metrology, R.K Jain,) give only a brief principle of how the instruments work. I want to further my study of this subject with an intention to design measuring instruments. Hence, I must know the internal workings of the machinery, (complete knowledge of all the linkages and optical arrangements). In brief, I would like to learn metrology from the perspective of designing and improving the machines themselves.
    May anyone please help me out by,
    1. Suggesting a course or syllabus.
    2. Guiding me briefly through the path of in depth understanding of the components.
    3. Suggesting reference material and books along the way.
    Thank You
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    Look for courses in precision mechanical design. This is not likely to be taught in most engineering colleges, but you can probably find some things on the 'net that will be interesting reading.
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    What type of machines do you have in mind? I am assume you are thinking of dimensional metrology, but even that covers a huge range of measurements.
    A CMM is a very different from an end standard!
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    FIrst, apologies for posting in the wrong forum. I would like to start with learning completely how basic measurement systems like strain gauges, etc work and then slowly move to optical measuring instruemtns and finally top lebel CMMs, etc/
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    I found ocw - Precision Mechanical Design from MIT which asks me to start with the ocw on Mechanical Design. I have the book for Mechanical Engineering Design by Shingley. So, your take is I learn Mechanical Design and then move on to PMD?
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