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How to get into some undergraduate programs if you're poor?

  1. Jul 31, 2014 #1
    If you need more informations about this case just ask away.

    I'm a professor from an African country and I recognized back a student who is brilliant enough to convince me to create this post. At his age other kids are struggling with solving quadratic equations or at very elementary number theory problems, yet he impressed me since he already mastered calculus in addition to GCSE physics and he now plans to study abstract algebra. I asked him about his interests and he replied that he wanted to join an university of the standing of Oxford... The problem is that he's very poor.

    What would you advice him?
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    Access to education for the poor is a huge issue. In the G8 countries, generally speaking, there are systems in place to mitigate costs or at least provide loans to cover the costs associated with university until such time as the student graduates and enters the workforce.

    The first thing to look at is scholarships. For very advanced and high-achieving students lots of schools will provide entrance scholarhips. These are often more rare for foreign students, but they do exist. The student should invest some time in researching and applying for any scholarship he qualifies for. Also, it's important to remember that the "standing" of a university is not all that important. Prestige has a high cost-benefit ratio in my opinion. What matters is that the university provides a decent education in the student's subject of interest.
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    Thanks for your answer Choppy, what do you think if the student can teach in parallel so that he could offer enough money for his studies?
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    Even being a TA can't be of help to afford everything. It's only stipends or small allowances to encourage good/or fairly good students.
    This is politically and socially correct everywhere :biggrin:. Life sucks!
    Full tuition scholarships may help.
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