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How to increase pressure in a pipe ?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry if it sounds dumb but I'm struggling here trying to understand how to increase the pressure in a pipe using an air compressor. I wasn't able to find information for this really basic engineering problem, so hope you guys could help me.

    Basically, the idea here is to increase the pressure inside a given pipe section closed on both sides, with one side being a piston that is able to move. If we increase the pressure in the pipe section using an air compressor, the piston will tend to move out (which means the volume of the "injection chamber" increases). At the end of the process, let's assume you only know the variation of pressure in the injection chamber and the variation of volume of the chamber (due to the displacement of the piston).

    How are all these quantities are linked together ? What is the relation between an air compressor power and the pressure increase in the chamber ? Given a piston displacement (or volume variation) and a rated power for the compressor, how much time would it take to do this operation ?

    I hope I've been clear enough but I am really confused about this problem ! Haha
    Thanks for your help,

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    Search on ' pneumatic cylinders ' , ' theory of ' , 'design of '
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