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C/++/# How to install x11 headers on android?

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    I'm using cppdroid and wrote a c code running a window on x11 (originally Ubuntu Linux) and installed a xserver on android. How could i compile this code on Android knowing it lacks the x11 headers ? Thanks.
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    Maybe this is a silly suggestion, but would it be possible (and easier) to cross compile?
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    I don't know what you mean by this. Is it to compile under linux and put the executable on android ?
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    Yes. Many compilers will let you specify the target architecture of code you're compiling. Ordinarily, when your compiler is running on a particular OS, the code you compile will run on that same OS. A cross compiler will generate code that will run under a different OS/architecture.

    I'm not familiar with X11, but if your code is intended to run on Android, I'm reasonably sure it has the same or similar functionality as is available in X11.
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