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How to maintain commercial scale CSTR temperature?

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    I'm currently doing a design for my final year studies and it's regarding esterification process.

    My proposed reactor is CSTR, operating at a temperature of 60C and 400 kPa. Reactants are methanol and jatropha oil with sulphuric acid catalyst. For a commercial scale production of biodiesel, since this is an endothermic reaction, how do I maintain the temperature of the reactor? Using cooling jackets will not give uniform heat distribution for large reactors, so what other alternatives do I have?
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    Use standard heat exchanger ideas such as coolant tubes running through main reaction vessel or circulating reaction solution through an external heat exchanger .

    Some active circulation of reaction solution may be useful in any case .
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    You can assure uniformity with a large top-entering agitator, probably with multiple pitched-blade turbines and proper tank baffling.

    Why a cooling jacket for an endothermic reaction?
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