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How to make water samples that exhibit cabelling when mixed?

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    How to make water samples that exhibit cabbeling when mixed?

    I would like to do some experiments with water flow. I want the water used in the experiment to have a property called cabbeling, common in seawater. Basically, cabbeling occurs when you mix two parcels of water with the same density but different temperature and salinity, and the mixture has a higher density than the two initial parcels of water.

    Any ideas on how to make two parcels of water that when mixed will exhibit cabbeling?

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    Cabbeling, not cabelling.

    There is a temperature-salinity diagram in wikipedia entry for cabbeling. Follow the diagram to find correct combination of parameters, red arrows show the general idea.
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    Thanks for your reply, Borek. I've corrected the spelling.

    The diagram that you refer to is just the definition of cabbeling. It does not tell me how to prepare two samples of water that will exhibit cabbeling when mixed. Is it as easy as mixing salt into water? I suspect not. Seawater has a mix of many different things in it.

    Also, the water samples don't have to be prepared with salinity compositions. I just need to replicate
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    Definition is enough - prepare two samples of temperatures and salinity given by points A and B - add them to water with composition given by any other point on the curve between these points, and it should work. It may need some fancy setup to make mixing and observation visible, but all information is there.

    To check whether it will work with just a brine you will need salinity/temperature/density tables for brine. But I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work.
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