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How to measure electrical frequency?

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    in f to V converter, input is frequencies . Is that electrical or Mechanical frequency?
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    To convert a frequency to a voltage, you need an electronic frequency (voltage varying in time).
    One can use different types of transducers to get an electronic frequency from a mechanical one.
    National makes a chip, LM2917, just for this application. Check out http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM2917.html" [Broken] where you can see the transducer (magnetic pick up).
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    sensor transduces electrical frequencies?
    how to convert this frequency to mechanical frequency(RPM),,,
    i ve seen a design before, they use scmitt's trigger before f to V converter


    i think schmitts dont sense the frequency...(no magnetic pick up)?????

    LM2917 only detect positive peak of sinusoidal wave?
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