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How to meet other physicists/mathematicans?

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    What do physicist/mathematician types tend to do for social activities? Physics conferences? I have a physics degree myself and it would be nice to "talk shop" with others.
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    Physicists tend to travel in herds, being unlike other humans.

    Ok, that was sarcastic. Physicists are no different than other humans, having as many interests as other humans. If you wish to find physicists to speak to, we have them here.
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    I think they call those groups a pride of physicists... Or is that a pride of programmers and a forum of physicists...
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    I have met a lot of physics and engineering students in cafes. Find the coffee houses where people study, and discreetly observe the books they have on their tables. Or bait them by arranging a few books of your own on your table.
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    There is an art to this.

    Nerd Sniping
    [Source: http://xkcd.com/356/]
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    This physicist tends to go to Walt Disney World 2-3 times a year. So you can find me there to talk shop.

    BTW, you found this forum, and there's quite a number of physicists on here to talk shop with.

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