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I How to predict the movement of a magnet in a magnetic field?

  1. Dec 24, 2017 #1
    Can we predict the movement of a magnet in a uniform magnetic field using Maxwell's equations?

    What if the magnetic field is variable, for example if we have two magnets moving in a reference frame?

    Thank you for any answers and I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)
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    You can use Maxwell's equations to calculate the instantaneous forces on a magnet. But then you need to add Newton's Laws of motion to predict the movements as a function of time resulting from those forces.

    Does that answer your question?
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    How can I calculate the instantaneous forces? The magnet also generates a magnetic field around it, which interacts with the exterior magnetic field or with the field of the other magnet, it seems difficult to me to calculate this interaction. What formula should I use?
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    Look at the list of "similar discussions" at the bottom of this page. Your topics has been discussed several times before.
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