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Planning to take a high school Chemistry licensing exam...

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    I have only took Chemistry in high school and that was about 10 years ago. So pretty much I will be starting from scratch as I certainly forgot everything. Good news is you do not need a high score on the exam to pass (72% I believe). I have about 2 months left in the US and want to take this licensing exam before I leave.

    I am not sure what exactly do these topics cover i.e. basic chem, chem 2, or both. Could someone clarify this for me.

    How would you guys plan to tackle this in such a short time? Study books, sites, or resources?

    Topics covered

    Knowledge of the nature of matter - 10%

    Knowledge of energy and its interaction with matter - 14%

    Knowledge of bonding and molecular structure - 18%

    Knowledge of chemical reactions and stoichiometry - 21%

    Knowledge of atomic theory and structure - 12%

    Knowledge of the nature of science - 10%

    Knowledge of measurement - 10%

    Knowledge of appropriate laboratory use and procedures - 5%

    http://www.fl.nesinc.com/PDFs/Chemistry6-12_TIG_3rdEd_DOE072415.pdf [Broken]

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    I would start by looking at the AP Chemistry books since that seems to be the extent to which you are going to have to teach. There are many AP Chem resources and if you wanted a book you could go to the book resources in the forum.

    Perhaps if you are in a time crunch, looking at an AP Chemistry review book would help as well?
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