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How to reduce the force exerted by a guitar string to a Vernier sensor?

  1. Apr 21, 2012 #1
    I am doing a project, where I am measuring the tension exerted by different guitar strings from different sets for the classical guitar.
    I have a Vernier dual force sensor to do it, so the method would be just attaching one end of the guitar string to the Vernier sensor, while the other end would be in the tuner. I would then turn the tuner until I have the correct pitch and then record the measurement from the Vernier Labquest.
    There is only one problem - the Vernier sensor only has a range up to 50 Newtons, whereas most guitar string have a tension from 40 N to 70 N.
    I there a way to reduce the tension that is exerted by guitar string to the Vernier sensor, so that I could calculate the actual value later? I have considered a lever system, where different distances from the center of the lever would reduce or increase the forces. But are there any easier methods to reduce the tension?
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    An alternative is a pulley system. Thread another string from the Vernier, around a pulley attached to the test string, and back to a fixed point. That should give the Vernier a 2:1 mechanical advantage, ignoring friction.
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