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How to reset admin password of my Acer computer?

  1. May 16, 2016 #1
    My GF forgot the password of her old acer laptop, which she didn't use much. Now she asked to me to help her recover the password. I only know reinstall the os but this will erase the data on the computer. What is the method i can use to reset the password without losing any data?
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    What OS is it? If it's windows 7 you can follow the instructions here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Reset-Built-in-Administrator-Password-If-Fo/ [Broken]
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    It's Windows 8. I will check it to see if this works. thank u very much
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    Password to what? an email account? a social-website account? your windows password? there could be billions of possibilities. be descriptive of what the password is for.
    maybe this article is helpful:
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    The thread title is "how to reset admin password of my acer computer?" so I assume that's the password he's asking about.
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    Who even contemplates reinstalling the OS for a forgotten password to a social media account?
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    Once upon a time simply removing the internal memory battery for 10-15 minutes would clear it, If the computer isn't very new that may be worth a try. (note: this applies to HP laptops, not sure with Acer).
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    Thanks to all, the password was reset with the help of above suggestions.
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    This doesn't work in my case. I tried it early.
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    At least the story had a happy ending. :smile:
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    Password stories rarely do lol
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    That will only work with a bios password, never a Windows password. Bios data is stored in volatile memory, Windows (and other passwords) are stored on a hard drive, so a battery pull will never work for that.
  15. Jul 4, 2016 #14
    1. After wrong password prompt displays, click OK;
    2. Insert the password reset disk into PC driver, click Reset password and the Password Reset Wizard will comes up, then click "Next";
    3. Choose the targeted password reset disc from drop down box, and then click "Next";
  16. Jul 5, 2016 #15
    There are software tools that can help you reset the encrypted passwords of windows accounts. (->google)
    My old windows 7 had an Administrator account by default that was not passwordized, I used it when I suddenly forgot what my current account's password was after I hit my head against the stairs inadvertently.
  17. Aug 14, 2017 #16
    Forgot Windows password ? as long as you know a Microsoft account and Email ID , they are can be used to reset logon password for you , even if they are free ,but not everyone can do it ,
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