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How to select passive antenna for 2.4GHz system

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    Hi, I need to select a passive 50 Ohm surface mount chip Antenna (size 3.2x1.6x1.2 mm) for my WiFi radio. Can I use any 50 Ohm chip Antenna available?
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    What do you mean by any? Antenna size should match wave frequency. Too big or to small and expect problems with reception.
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    Hi zoki85, the footprint on my PCB is 3.2x1.6x1.2mm, antenna will have to fit into the footprint space. I am looking at the following antenna for my WiFi module:
    2450AT18B100E (2450 MHz 50 Ohm Antenna). In your opinion, will this antenna work well in a WiFi module? What are the critical parameters in selecting RF antenna in general?
    Thank you.
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    I don't know will it work well (meaning of these numbers is unknown to me). Wave resonant frequency and impedance matching to auxilary circuit are the most important parameters.
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    Thank you zoki85
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