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Insights How to Self Study Geometry. Part I: Pure Geometry - Comments

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    It's obvious that you lost yourself in it. Brain storm every chapter at first. 3 time brain storming will make things like water. And don't forget to block other thoughts during brainstorming. And more technically ask, question, solve and be patient. Hold and breathe and try to remember what you learned. Good luck....
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    THANK YOU ! I actually already began reading Euclid but I only completed the first five books.
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    When I taught the first 4 books of Euclid in a 2 week course I wrote some notes for the students. FWIW they are here:

    They end by showing how Euclid's ideas are advanced by Archimedes and give a derivation for the volume of a 4 dimensiopnal sphere in that spirit.
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