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How to simulate a D-D neutron generator with MCNP6?

  1. Jan 25, 2017 #1
    Hello everybody,

    I am performing some experiments with a neutron generator. Specifically D-D reactions. I am trying to replicate the measurements with MCNP6, but I do not know how can I simulate the neutron generator with MCNP6 since the neutrons have a angular distribution. For MCNPX there was the MCUNED code wich can represent the angular dependence, but it does not work with MCNP6. Another option may be to use DROSG-2000 to obtain the angular distribution and use it as source for MCNP6, but I am not able to obtain the probability of each energy.
    Does anyone know any way to do it with MCNP6, or a complementary program similar to the above described?

    Best regards
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    I'm not entirely sure about the syntax, but MCNP5 does have the option to explicitly model a source with an angular distribution of particles emitted. Is that what you're looking for?
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    Hello Hector,

    I'm curious if you have found a solution to this problem since it has been posted. I am personally working on a D-T generator project at Oregon State and am about to run into the problem of distribution.

  5. May 13, 2017 #4
    For my part I will calculate the energy of neutrons in different direction with classical energy conservation applied to the reaction (see for example chpter 4 of this book https://www.amazon.com/Applied-Phys...&qid=1482428957&sr=8-1&keywords=9783319486581)
    After that put a non istropic source in mcnp with dir :
    SDEF DIR=d1 fdir=d2 vec= 0 0 1
    SI1 H cos (teta1) cos (teta2) cos (teta3) ...
    SP1 0 S1/S S2/S ...
    DS2 s 10 20 30 ...
    SI10 L energy_for_teta1
    SI20 energy_for_teta2
    SI30 energy_for_teta3
    SP10 d 1
    SP20 d 1
    SP30 d 1

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