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How to stop PF GUI auto changing i to I?

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    I notice my posts now have spell-check which I like but it's also changing little I to capital I which is a problem for me since I frequently make complex analysis posts which involves complex i. . I believe that's my web browser doing that right and not PF? Is there a way to disable the little I to big I auto-correction and not affect the other spell-check corrections?

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    It is your computer (probably the web browser), indeed.
    Which browser do you use? Any add-ons installed?
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    Hi, sorry about that. I'm using IE version 10 and I now see it has a spelling correction add-on. But when I go into managing add ons, I don't see any options for managing the spell checker.

    I'm just now realizing it doesn't correct it without spaces as in [itex]ig(x)[/itex] but if I were to put a space in it, even in tex mode, it would auto-capitalize the I like [itex]I g(x)[/itex].

    I suppose if there is no way to fix this, I can learn to omit spaces when I'm formatting math code with I in it .
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