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The graphical user interface (GUI jee-you-eye or ) is a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicator such as primary notation, instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation. GUIs were introduced in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of command-line interfaces (CLIs), which require commands to be typed on a computer keyboard.
The actions in a GUI are usually performed through direct manipulation of the graphical elements. Beyond computers, GUIs are used in many handheld mobile devices such as MP3 players, portable media players, gaming devices, smartphones and smaller household, office and industrial controls. The term GUI tends not to be applied to other lower-display resolution types of interfaces, such as video games (where head-up display (HUD) is preferred), or not including flat screens, like volumetric displays because the term is restricted to the scope of two-dimensional display screens able to describe generic information, in the tradition of the computer science research at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

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  1. ramana3797

    BURAI quantum espresso GUI error

    I am using BURAI for quantum espresso calculations and am getting the error ATOMIC_POSITION nonexistent. I have attached the scf .in file and the crash file. I am using the CIF file of LaFeO3 I downloaded from materials project. Any help would be appreciated as I am not very familiar with these...
  2. berkeman

    A Frustrating Problem with GUI Interaction: Is Anyone Else Annoyed?

    This has been a big annoyance for me for a while. I do some GUI development and programming for some of the Manufacturing Test Fixture programs that I develop, so I'm sensitive to making GUIs intuitive and easy to use. But with many PC and phone interfaces (mainly browser-based), the program...
  3. A

    Comp Sci JButton in JPanel with gridlayout

    Is it possible to bring it into this shape using the gridlayout? I use empty label to add this empty gridThis is my code:import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class test { public static void main(String[] args) { JFrame frame = new JFrame()...
  4. Wrichik Basu

    Java JFrame GUI not showing anything other than title....

    I have written a program that will launch three JFrame windows if the user enters the correct things everywhere. In case there is a mistake, an error window will open, and then after 3s, the user will be re-directed to the window where he made the error. The flowchart is attached. Everything...
  5. cookiemnstr510510

    MATLAB MATLAB GUI derivative calculator

    Hello! Happy Sunday, I am trying to create a MATLAB GUI that can take an input ( i am starting out with just one variable) and take its derivative and display the result. I have attached pictures of what my GUI looks like, and also the code I wrote so far. Let me also describe my method: I have...
  6. S

    MHB Java- How to allow access to a different GUI menu for Learner and Admin

    I am trying to get two different menus to show up depending on whether the User is a learner or an admin. However, I'm having some difficulty with the program and the execution. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. I don't know how to access a user to figure out if it's a learner or an...
  7. M

    Python Why Isn't QPushButton Triggering Method in PyQt5?

    I'm new to this forum, as well as Python, so bare with me, won't you:) Ok, so I have this GUI written in python and utilizing PYQT5. I have a functioning version, but I now want to add a QpushButton that executes a method called add_Bladebox. This method adds a doublespinbox to the gui. The...
  8. Vigardo

    Convergence problems in ANSYS batch mode but not in GUI

    Dear experts, I´m performing a non-linear buckling analysis under ANSYS Mechanical APDL (v14.5) using an input file that processes the last converged step to generate some etable output. When run in GUI everything goes fine: the non-linear buckling analysis is performed until it becomes...
  9. cpscdave

    Python SOLVED: wx Correct way to alter GUI on the fly

    Happy Monday folks! I've been working on a program where I need to change the GUI on the fly. Specifically I need to do 2 things. This program pulls information from an RSS xml feed and displays it. As information is added (or removed) from the RSS feed I need to add or remove the...
  10. W

    "Upgradeability/Scalability" of GUI , "non-script Database?

    Hi All, I have been asking around on the "upgradeability" or scalability of GUI -based databases, e.g. Access (using QBE) vs scripted ones, e.g., back-end SQL -based databases (no C# or PHP -based interface). I keep hearing scripted ones are preferrable in the sense of being easier to...
  11. levadny

    Java Java GUI Development: SWING vs. Other Libraries

    Dear friends! Please explain me what API/Libraries uses in Java for create graphic user interface. I use SWING but I hear that SWING is oldest technology. What you uses?
  12. berkeman

    Real-time PC performance monitoring software with a monitoring window / GUI

    I'm frustrated with several of my PCs' performance. The issue may be with their Internet connections, or with other processing issues. Is there some software package that I can run to give me a GUI window showing Internet bandwidth, memory usage, etc, to help me debug the sometimes slow...
  13. N

    How to create GUI on the windows7 Desktop?

    Dear Group, I am trying to to build a button ( with rectangle size) on the desktop of windows7, Whenever I click on that button, it will connect to batch file (which I created for some function) and run that batch file (filename.bat), Can you give me ideals that how to have that button on...
  14. D

    Comp Sci [JAVA GUI] Counting the trajectory of a projectile not shown

    Hello PFers, I'm trying to make a program in java which process user's position, initial velocity of the projectile and the elevation of the projectile and show the trajectory in GUI. The language is in java. The problem is, the trajectory won't show. It is supposed to show the player's...
  15. cnh1995

    Creating a GUI for AC Circuit Analysis with Intel Galileo and Arduino

    I have completed a small project of ac circuit analysis on intel galileo in arduino. I want to make a GUI now. How should I proceed? I know C and a little C++.
  16. W

    Finding files Using Name, over _All_ Extensions (CLI, GUI)?

    Hi All, Just trying to figure out if we can find a file by knowing the name , without knowing the file path nor the extension: If we want to find all files with extension, say, .txt , we can use ( in Command Line ) the command dir *. txt ; to find al files with extension .txt in a specific...
  17. M

    MATLAB [Matlab] Gui help for adding code

    Hi, all there is an example for gui but I can not do. Could somebody help me. I generated a button in gui then I have to add some function on in. Codes are in the picture. Will I add them under callback function? Why can I not determine where I should I add them. To understand it what...
  18. V

    What's the Best Open Source OS for GUI Lovers?

    Any favorites guys? And have you developed any source code personally?
  19. J

    How to stop PF GUI auto changing i to I?

    Hi, I notice my posts now have spell-check which I like but it's also changing little I to capital I which is a problem for me since I frequently make complex analysis posts which involves complex i. . I believe that's my web browser doing that right and not PF? Is there a way to disable...
  20. B

    MATLAB Fixing Matlab GUI Resize Problem: Repositioning and Full Screen Issues

    I have been trying the following to reposition my GUI (within the OpeningFcn): h=get(handles.figure1,'Position'); set(0,'Units','normalized') S = get(0,'screensize'); width = h(3); height=h(4); x = (S(3) - width)/2; y = (S(4) - height)/2...
  21. B

    MATLAB What could be causing unexpected positioning of a GUI in Matlab?

    I have been trying the following to reposition my GUI (within the OpeningFcn): h=get(handles.figure1,'Position'); set(0,'Units','normalized') S = get(0,'screensize'); width = h(3); height=h(4); x = (S(3) - width)/2; y = (S(4) - height)/2...
  22. G

    Modifying Future Value Program with a Python GUI

    Homework Statement To modify a future value program so that a user inputs the data w/ a GUI Homework Equations principal = principal * (1+apr) The Attempt at a Solution Anyone familiar w/ python coding? I'm a beginner. I'm absolutely stuck on this problem, I seem to have...
  23. O

    Comp Sci Java GUI program determining retail price, does not finish running

    Homework Statement Just trying to finish up this assignment, no errors. I run the program, enter a value and a percentage, then click calculate. Program just runs, never displays results. Check my code below, let me know if something is wrong. Driver: package ch7pc1; import javax.swing.*...
  24. I

    MATLAB Using Loops to Set Radio Buttons in MATLAB GUI

    Hi I have seri port data,which is like this; data=[0 1 0 1 1 1 0 ] (data could changed by input) My aim is :i will compare all of data(1) data(2) ...data (7) with 0 and 1.If that data 1 radiobutton will be 1. If data(1)==1 -----> radiobutton1=1 else data(1)==0 ---->radiobutton1=0 ...
  25. S

    How to display a real time graph in the Matlab GUI from simulink block

    I want to display a real time signal from ECG I use simulink block -scope and want it to be display in gui axes This is a code from some other guy function Command1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) button_state = get(hObject,'Value'); if...
  26. W

    MATLAB MATLAB GUI Edit text to Matrix

    0 down vote favorite share [g+] share [fb] share [tw] Hi...I'm the beginner. I want to ask, how to put edit text to matrix? For example, I have 30 edit text that will fill by number 0 - 1. I want to make matrix x(1,1),...x(1,30) from the input of edit text. I have tried this code ...
  27. K

    Free/GNU/Open Source programming language for Windows GUI

    Hello everyone, Can anyone suggest me a suitable GUI programming language for windows (like Microsoft VB or anything else). The software should be free of cost. It also should not restrict me to publish my product as freeware/open source. (Additionally the software should be able to handle...
  28. R

    How to load the .m file on clicking the button in the GUI

    Hi... Me too new to this concept. I too want to load a .m file by pressing the button in the GUI. I am the beginner to matlab. I have added 3 buttons to my gui and if i click on the first button means then i want the .m file stored in the same directory be loaded and automatically that .m...
  29. D

    MATLAB Making Bode Plots with GUI in MATLAB

    Hello guys! I have an issue, I'm trying to make a program in which you can get a bode plot by knowing the transfer function in guide. The basic idea is this: you enter 4 numbers in the interface and by those numbers you can know the transfer function, basically I'm doing this as a final step...
  30. K

    MATLAB Adding other function calls in GUI Matlab

    I used the following code to make simple tabs in GUI Matlab , now I wanted to add the another function in that so as the result of the added function is displayed when I press the GUI tab buttons http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/15193-simple-tab-panel/content/simpletab.m...
  31. S

    MATLAB Matlab gui to m and vice versa?

    matlab gui to m and vice versa? Hi guys, i am currently deferring the project and doing a GUI for it. but I am trying to disect the workload and try from the basics i would like to enquire how do i actually link up gui m file and a normal m file? lets say i want to evaluate the addition...
  32. S

    MATLAB SoonMatlab GUI Builder Projects - Questions Needed

    Hi guys, i was wondering if any of u have done any projects in relations to the GUI and its builder in Matlab? have some burning & urgent questions to ask. hope to get ur replies
  33. iamjon.smith

    Comp Sci How to Build a Java GUI for Recording City Populations to a Text File?

    Develop an application that reads city, state and population entered from the user and writes this information to a file. The application should continuously prompt for this population information until terminated by the user. Example file: Jamestown FL 50000 Domville CO 10000 Jennyboro FL...
  34. C

    MATLAB Creating Conditional Callback Function in Matlab GUI

    So I am a bit unfamiliar with Callback functions etc. But here is what I want: when someone clicks on a button, something happens. Well I want it so that when they click on another button and a certain condition isn't met, then the same function carried out by clicking a completely...
  35. iamjon.smith

    Comp Sci How to Create a Functional Java GUI Mortgage Calculator?

    Ok, Here is the assignment: Develop a mortgage payment calculator. Design a GUI to enter price of home, down payment, interest rate. Your bank only offers 10, 15, and 30 year mortgages. Use grouped radio buttons to select between 10, 15, or 30 year mortgage. Monthly payment should be...
  36. R

    MATLAB How to Solve Complex PDEs and Calculate Wiener Filter Using Matlab PDE Toolbox?

    I am attempting to solve the following PDE using the GUI for Matlab's PDE toolbox. \newcommand{\pd}[3]{ \frac{ \partial^{#3}{#1} }{ \partial {#2}^{#3} } } \pd{\Psi}{y}{} + \pd{\Psi}{x}{2} + \pd{\Psi}{y}{2}=0 Is this possible? I have been able to use the PDE toolbox for...
  37. Doc Al

    Is there a free MySQL GUI for Solaris 10?

    Anyone know of a GUI for MySQL that would work with the Solaris 10 OS? (Free is always good.)
  38. Y

    How to write an interactive GUI in MATLAB

    I'm supposed to write a MATLAB code where it calculates kinematics of a robot arm and plots it. But the plot is required to have a way of user entering different values and be able to change position of the robot. I think i can handle the kinematics behind it but i have no idea how to make an...
  39. I

    C# Creating GUI launch application in C#

    I wanted to create a GUI that would launch a series of .exe files My biggest problem right now is I do not know how to program the buttons to launch the executable files. I have done some coding with C# but never any GUI work and not sure how to start. I also wanted to see if there was...
  40. P

    MATLAB Volume rendering in Matlab using inbuilt GUI functions

    Hi there. I have become a bit stuck with a little project I am working on. I have a series of RGB Tiff images which I have loaded into matlab, over 120 separate images in total. I am hoping to use the functionality of MATLAB to render a volume by stacking each of the 2D images one top of...
  41. C

    C/C++ Using ActiveX Control Functions Without GUI (VC++)

    I need to use an ActiveX control (and call on it's functions) from within a Windows Visual C++ console application. I can do what I need to with a dialogue-based MFC Windows application with a gui, but can't find any information on loading a control/calling it's functions from a console...
  42. R

    MATLAB Matlab GUI: changing multiple lines static text

    hi, I'm ran into a problem while creating a Matlab GUI and I can't seem to find out why. I'm trying to get multiple lines in one static text. I set the 'max' property on 12 and then wrote the following code to test: A='a';B='b';C='c';D='d';E='e';F='f';G='g';H='h';I='i';J='j';K='k';L='l'...
  43. R

    MATLAB Matlab GUI: putting several edit text inputs in one matrix

    Matlab GUI: putting several "edit text" inputs in one matrix Hi, I'm making a Matlab GUI that will ultimately send data to a robot. I have about 60 numbers being 6 polynomials of 10 terms. My "edit text"-boxes are currently named motG_RN_0 where the R can also be an S or a T and the N can also...
  44. S

    Create GUI using Visual Basic/any software and program into PIC18F2550 through USB

    I am sorry because i recreate this post because the old thread is missing =( I need to create a GUI using Visual basic to get input from user.A simple button click will be enough for the GUI.After i get the input, i need to load the input into PIC18F2550 through USB. This will then control my...
  45. A

    MATLAB Any recommendations for using Matlab GUI with microcontrollers?

    Hi Forum , i am planning to communicate with the microcontroller via serial communication and a GUI in matlab. On microcontroller , I can make a serial terminal program that waits for data from MatLab coming through a serial port on the computer. From there I can make it so that MatLab can send...
  46. G

    MATLAB Comsol w/Matlab: CLI vs GUI issues

    Hi all - I've been working on some code in Comsol w/ Matlab that works fine on any machine I run it on - so long as I run it through the Comsol w/ Matlab GUI. No matter which machine I run it on, the program fails if I run Comsol w/ Matlab through a CLI. Specifically, the geominport()...
  47. N

    MATLAB [MATLAB] GUI interface into standalone application help

    I have a GUI interface designed in MATLAB GUIDE Builder. It works with several MEX files that control a piece of hardware. I need to compile this into a standalone application. The deploytool's build function never compiles - it complains about the MEX files and returns: "Error executing mcc...
  48. J

    MATLAB How to Stop Matlab from Opening a New Figure in GUI?

    Hello all, I've programmed a GUI to read and plot data from oscilloscope. I have a timer function that updates the graph at 1 Hz frequency. What I want to is to add two vertical lines to the same figure that mark the beginning and end times of CCE measurement. For that purpose, I'm using the...