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How to study the feynman lectures?

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    I got my final pick of books as extra readings/studying to supplement my rather deficient Physics C class. It's the Feynman lectures on Physics and Irodov problem book (and when my calculus is ready, I'll tackle Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow)

    How do you think should I approach both books? What is a good way to study them? Should I start reading Feynman before the Physics C class covers that topic, or after we covered the topic in class? BTW, I already had a physics course last year (physics B, so I have a pretty broad base).

    Do you think it's better to do all or most of the Irodov problems from 1 section, and then move on, or make a pick from each sections to get a more comprehensive view of physics?


    PS: for anyone who solves Irodov problems, I feel your masochistic pain :) ; they are tough but super cool at the same time. I'm so happy with the book, I finally get to maximally use the calculus tools we learn!
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    Doing all the problems in Irodov would take too long. Do a few problems until you feel comfortable with the material and move on to the next topic.
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    I know that love. The pleasure which you get in solving them is just superb. The beauty of the nature is unveiled for an undergrad student by irodov.
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