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How to use borland C for drawing

  1. Sep 27, 2006 #1
    hello, i would like ask something about the borland C. The question is how to use borland C to construct a finite elements L-shape structure in borland C:confused: ? And how to colour the structure by using borland C:confused: ?
    Help, this urgent...:cry:
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    i don't think borland has imbedded grpahics libraries...

    You could always try to find good old graphics.h (with its other libraries)
    though Opengl with{Glut or SDL,the rendering windows} is open source.
    Personally I prefer Opengl/sdl but with glut its pretty easy to learn.

    With finite elements- I assume you also need to code some vector/matrix structs. Not sure if there are any open source libraries for those, but numerical recipes( nr.com) has its libraries for use.
    If in doubt code it in Matlab/Maple
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