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Calculators How to write Upper Case letters in TI-89

  1. Sep 4, 2012 #1
    Hello am interested how to write upper case letters in TI-89

    I have read the manual how to write the upper case letters but whenever i press enter the calculator doesent show the upper case letters on the sceen instead it only writes lower case letters.

    For example i press white upper arrow and press the letter key, calculator then shows the upper case letter in the modifying smaller lower section of the screen but when i press enter it shows only lower case letters in the fixed larger part of the screen.

    the same thing happens if i use white upper arrow key and alpha key combined , i write several upper case letters on the calculator, then press enter and the calculator writes lower case letters on the screen.
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    It seems the issue is that the calculator is parsing the characters as the name of a variable which only allows lowercase letters. If you place a quotation symbol around the text, there will be no modifications to your input :)
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