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Calculators How to put code on MS WORD onto TI-89

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    My Thermodynamics teacher gave me a code for various calculators to put into the calculator for Interpolation. I am just wondering how you put this code that is in MS WORD onto my TI-89. I have the TI-Connect software. Here is what is looks like:

    This code is for the TI-89:

    DelVar e
    Disp "Where knowns are a,b,c,d,f"
    Disp "This solves for e:"
    Disp " a d"," b e"," c f"
    Disp "Press ENTER to continue"
    Prompt a,b,c,d,f
    Disp "e is: ",e
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    This really didn't help me in the sense that I already have the code...I need to make it in a form where I can simply drag and drop the formula into the TI Connect Device Explorer....just like any other program. How do I convert this text on MS WORD to a "program" that the calculator can use?
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    Then you would need to use something like THIS.
    A compiler for a desktop machine and after you are all set and wrote your code - drag & drop, baby :) TI-Connect or install from the CD/DVD you got with the calc :)
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    THanks for the response, unfortunately when i try to run it it pops up for a second and dissapears
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    There's a README file in the archive and you should read it.
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