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Homework Help: How toasters works with the functions of elements in open loop system?

  1. Feb 18, 2013 #1
    1. Explain briefly an example of open loop system. At the same time, explain how this example works with the functions of the elements in the system.

    example is pop up toaster

    3. The attempt at a solution
    The pop up toaster can be set for the desireddarkness of the toastedbread.
    The setting of the ‘‘darkness’’ knob, or timer, represents the input quantity,
    and the degree of darkness and crispness of the toast produced is the output
    quantity. If the degree of darkness is not satisfactory, because of the condition
    of the bread or some similar reason, this condition can in no way automatically
    alter the length of time that heat is applied. Since the output quantity
    has no influence on the input quantity, there is no feedback in this system.
    The heater portion of the toaster represents the dynamic part of the overall
    system, and the timer unit is the reference selector.

    what is the elements in the system ---- pop up toaster ?
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    Re: how toasters works with the functions of elements in open loop sys

    I assume you don't understand the term "elements"? These would be the "heating elements", the thin wires that glow orange and produce heat when they are on.
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