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How we can collect two wave(light) ?

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    How we can collect two wave(light)?
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    The question is not quite clear... But lenses and mirrors come to mind. A lens or a angled mirror redirects light. You can be clever and use lenses and mirrors to concentrate light together in a volume, area or point. Of course we are familiar with these types of devices, glasses, microscopes, prisims, etc.
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    I want to say how can collect two waves which different wavelenght
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    Still not enough information, but I'll take a stab, photodetectors generally have quite a wide range of responsivity and will produce a measurable voltage when lots of different wavelengths are incident (e.g. 500 - 900 nm). You can work around this using optical filters, signle-mode fibers, or diffraction gratings, which isolate narrowband light from a broadband source. If you have e.g. 550 and 800 nm light, split it, send one through a 550 nm filter and the other through a 800 nm filter, then send each to its own photodetector with known responsivity in the given ranges.

    From the two output voltages you can deduce from a single incoming light source what intensity is at 550 nm and what intensity is at 800 nm.
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