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How we determine conductivity of powder?

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    how we determine conductivity of powder??

    hmm.....i got a question..

    i had three inorganic polymer (powder/solid form) and i wanna mixed it according to various composition.

    how can i determine the conductivity? do i need special equipment to read the conductivity or can i just dissolved the mixture of inorganic powder in water then read it?will it affected the conductivity?
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    If the powder is ionic and dissociates in water the conductivity (ionic) will be increased over that of the solid powder.

    To answer the question about the the conductivity of the powder itself, you need to know its density. An airborne sample of the powder will have a different conductivity than a loose pile which would be different than that of a compressed pellet. A special piece of equipment will be required to measure this regardless of the form. Perhaps a four point probe....
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