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How weather affect your height? does it have any role at all?

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    how weather affect your height? does it have any role at all?
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    I've read a few things that associate warmer climates with being taller, but there is very little that I've found on it.

    If you are interested in height, here is an article I have referenced before. An interesting read.

    http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?040405fa_fact [Broken]
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    thanks Evo.(do you have any relation with evolution theory?)

    now my question is what to eat for growing a bit taller? :cry::shy:
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    lol Did somebody delete my post? About the barometric air pressure affecting height? I thought it was funny, I guess somebody didn't. :frown:
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    I don't know why some people just want to solve their problems by eating!:biggrin:

    You can simply look taller by wearing heels!:tongue2:
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    Rather than eating more, you could improve your physique, which is just as good as looking taller, if not better (unless you're really short)
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