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B How would moving at the speed of light be perceived?

  1. Mar 22, 2016 #1
    As I understand it an object moves through time and space and the faster it moves through space the slower it moves through time. So say somehow an object was accelerated to the speed of light (I know this isn't possible) it would theoretically stop moving through time but my question is that if the object was centient and was normally aware of the concept of time what would it experience if it was to travel several light years. Would it seem to the object that it has moved the several light years instantly or would it have a concept of time passed.
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    Because it's not possible, you're basically asking "How do the laws physics work under conditions under which they don't work?". There's no reasonable answer to that sort of question, so this thread is closed.

    Not even theoretically - for that to be true there would have to be some theory under which the object can move at the speed of light and would stop moving through time, and there is no such theory. (You may be misled into thinking otherwise by setting ##v## equal to ##c## in some of the equations of special relativity - but those equations are derived from assumptions that are equivalent to saying that ##v## is never equal to ##c##).
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