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Html Form fields question

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    How can we align all the input fields of form vertically in justified position.For example like this form:
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    There are several ways. You could use a table or divs.
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    Can you please show me one?or tell me a source?
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    Can it be done in html and css alone?
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    thank you but as i am not that expert in bootstrap so i don't know how to use this grid.isn't there any simple way?in html and css only?
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    It would be good to try learning bootstrap. It doesn't take long to get up to speed and the benefits are well worth the effort. You spend far less time dealing with browser-specific issues. Take a look at the page source code and you'll see that the row alignments that you want aren't that bad.
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    thank you man!
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    @Dave Ritche, this is unrelated to your question, but in the interest of putting together a better user interface, here are some suggestions. I've noticed that several of your screen shots in other threads you started have typos.

    In the screen shot of this thread, you have "Setup your account". The word "setup" can be used as a noun or an adjective. When used as a verb, it should be two words: "Set up your account".

    Just below that, you have "Make sure to use a valid email address, you'll need to verify it before you can send any campaigns." You should make these two sentences, with a period at the end of the first, and with the second sentence starting with a capital letter. Alternatively, a semicolon can be used, but two short sentences are probably preferable over one longer sentence.

    Finally, do you mean "send any campaign donations" ? A campaign is not something you send, but you can send a donation to a campaign.

    I worked as a technical writer for a large software firm for 15 years, so I worked hard to make my writing clear, concise, and grammatically correct.
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    With respect to the email field, some web designers add a second email field forcing you to type the address in twice and verifying that what was typed in both fields match. Alternatively you could send out an email to the address given and ask the user to click a link back to your site to verify that its a working email a kind of two step registration process.

    Also if you're daring enough, you should check out using Elm as an alternative to javascript. Elm is gaining traction in the Javascript world as a better means of writing web-based apps.

    Here's a talk by its creator:

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