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Humans can maybe create a universe

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    I was watching a video on Dr. Michio Kaku's page regarding how M-theory was developed. Towards the end of the video, it was said that theoratically a universe could be created in a laboratory. This universe would not effect our universe it would simply bud off our universe, then expand to cosmic proportions. Here is a link to Dr. Kaku's page. The fourth video down (BBC: Parallel Universes) is the one I'm refering to.

    http://www.mkaku.org/books-tv-film/video.html [Broken]

    So if M-theory is correct, and we do indeed live in a universe that exists in 11 dimensional space, which it shares with other universes. Then it is possible that there is life in these other universes. Now think about this, if physicists do eventually create a universe in a laboratory, maybe our universe was created by a physicist in a laboratory, in a parallel universe 15 billion years ago.
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    That's an interesting concept; it has alot of implications. Perhaps theres a whole system of universes which were created by various life forms once they reached a certain level in their advancement. maybe it all can be traced back to an Original Physicist; or if you want to be straightforward, God. Even if it turns up nothing concrete, it still makes for great Science Fiction.
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    11-dimensional space is an outcome of the string theory being used in place of standard model
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    I don't know if any of you have seen the movie "Hyper Cube" but its a movie that they run on the sci-fy channel that has a similar concept about perpetual universes and quantom chaos.
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    im slightly confussed here and im no expert in any of these fields but,

    i always thought that the universe was infinite, therefore where do these parralell universe's exist other than in side our own, but surely this would then make them part of our universe?

    please correct me if i'm wrong, which i probably am
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    Well the concept they are talking about says the universe is curved. Which also makes time travel possible.
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    so that would then mean that the universe is finite, and therefore has borders which would also allow for doppler shift and the expanding universe theory correct?
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    Yes. To say the universe is finite, imo, is an oxymoron.. like alot things. Most of us are unable to fathom the size of the universe, but if it were possible then the universe would seem finite only in the present. But in the future it could be alot larger. We will die off and the universe will keep expanding (thats why I think its an oxymoron, unless the universe has a life span - el oh el)
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    i wouldnt call the universe an oxymoron too loudly if i were you, it might object. but ok i see the point your making here but no matter how much it expands, surly the fact that its expanding implies that it is finite, as an infinite area has no borders and therefore cant expand
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    Heres a question: If we were able to create a computer program in which we programed nothing but the laws of physics would a universe like ours be formed, with planets and maybe even life?
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    I was working on a project similar to that. I wanted to create a universe within my computer. Though, I ignored the project to work on something else.
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    How hard do you think it would be to perfect and what fundamental rules would you use.
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    Given that we don't have a theory of everything, then one cannot make a computer programme to simulate the universe in which we live, perfectly.
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    Very true, so do you think if we were to someday find the link between the 4 fundamental forces that is all we would need? And if it worked it might just give us some info on the universal constants, they may be different.
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    Not really. For example, even if you can unify all the 4 forces, you still have no way to derive superconductivity, or other http://www.pnas.org/cgi/reprint/97/1/28.pdf".

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    This is not true. "Expansion" means that separation between two objects increase with time. There is no contradiction between expansion and infinite universe. See https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=132963.

    Of course the universe could be finite without boundary. But to claim that it has to be finite based on the existence of expansion is not correct.
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    If you created the universe, saying you understand every variable that you have to program into the game/simulation, could it create individual consciousness?
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    Thats the point i am trying to make, would there be planets created with life on them? And if you were able to would it disregard any idea of a "God"
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    We would be their god. And if they were intelligent or if us as humans were stupid enough to let them know that we were their god then they would strive to become smart enough to find a way out of the box and ultimately become real - the problems of artificial intellegence
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