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HVDC system based on VSC technology built with IGBTs.

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    In the above fig the arrow indicates that just reactive power is following in and out from the AC1 & AC2. Does it mean that there is no real power follow from AC1 & AC2.

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    Reactive power always flows out and back; they are just making it clear that it has to be accounted for.

    The bidirectional arrow labeled real power indicates that real power may be drawn from AC 1 or 2.
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    Hello! thanks for your response. Could you please answer to my following question?

    There is only one bidirectional arrow at the transformer near AC1 & AC2 which indicates reactive power can follow in and out the transformer. Can I add one more bidirectional arrow at the transformer to represent real power follow? Because I think, not only reactive power but also real power is following in and out the transformer.
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