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HVDC voltage designations

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    HVDC transmission line voltages are usually written as, for example., +/-500kV. Does this mean the voltage between the two conductors is 500kV, or does it mean that one conductor is 500kV above ground and the other is 500kV below ground, which would mean the voltage between the two is 1000kV? I've looked around on the internet, but haven't found the answer. Any help would be appreciated.
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    can you give an example or 2 of where you have seen this written please
    it may help us guys put your comment into better context :smile:

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    The following quote is from Clean Line Energy Partners web site. " Operating at ±500 kilovolts, the line is capable of transmitting up to 3,100 MW of power. In terms of operating voltage and capacity, the Pacific Intertie is similar to the Clean Line transmission line projects, which will operate at ±600 kilovolts and deliver up to 3,500 MW of power." Hope this helps.
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