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Hydrostatic Pressure on Sponge

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if the hydrostatic force applied on the surface of a sponge is the same of the same force applied on a different material with the same surface area.

    Let's say I have 1m^3 of water soaked sponge and 1m^3 of rubber. The forces applied on the surface of those materials are the same?
    I ask because the sponge has pores that might reduce the overall hydrostatic force. However, because of that too, the inside of the pores might be subjected to hydrostatic pressure (increasing the real surface area and thus the overall force).

    If you have an idea on how it works or can show me documentation about it, I would be really apreciated :)
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    The pressure is the same. Just - like you said - pressure inside internal pores acts against external pressure. Like in case of a big cube of rubber - its internal pressure also acts against external one, so it gots not visibly squeezed.
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