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Hyperbolic Distance and double Cross Ratio.

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    The question is as follows (by the way I'm asking here, cause the calculus and beyond forum seems to be primarily concerned with Calculus,DE, LA and AA):
    let f(z)=(2z+1)/(z+1) be an isometry of the hyperbolic plane H={z| Im(z)>0}.
    let l be a hyperbolic line in H which is invariatn under f, calculate the hyperbolic distance:
    p(z,f(z)) for some z in l.

    Now I want to use here the definition of the hyperbolic distance given by the cross ratio.

    So I found the fixed points of f, which are: w=(1+-(sqrt(5))/2, those points are in l (or so I think), from here we can use the cross ration definition, i.e:
    p(z,f(z))=[tex]log(D(w_1,z,f(z),w_2)[/tex] where D is the double cross ration defined by:
    from here just plug and go, but is my appraoch correct?

    thanks in advance.
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    Can someone please hekp me with my questions in the three threads I've opened in the general math forum?

    The exam is on thursday, and I need as much help as I can have.
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