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B (Hypothetical) 6ft hardened-steel cube dropped at 100 meters

  1. Jul 23, 2017 #1
    During a random conversation with a friend, we got onto the subject of dropping a 6ft cubed cube of Hardened-Steel from the height of 100 meters.

    I ended up getting really curious about the energy it would cause, as well as the potential impact/destruction it would cause on the area.

    Considering the large weight of the object I'd imagine it'd have a decent result, however, because I'm not particularly great with this stuff I thought that I'd ask people who are actually good at Physics.
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    You can work this out for yourself. You know the volume of your cube and google will find you the density of steel; this gives you the mass. The energy in Joules released by a mass ##m## falling from height ##h## is ##mgh##. You can compare that with the energy per kilogram released by by various explosives (again, google is your friend) to get a sense of just how destructive the impact might be.
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