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I am a math major but I want to go to grad school for physics

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    I am currently pursuing a BS in pure math. I have recently developed an interest in pursuing graduate studies in physics/astronomy, and I have decided to at least minor in physics. I am wondering what courses I should make sure to have to prepare for graduate school if I cannot double major. Thank you for your help to whoever responds.
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    Classical Mechanics (Goldstein)
    Classical Electrodynamics (Griffiths - level 1, Jackson - level 2 if possible)
    Quantum Mechanics (Sakurai, Griffiths)
    Statistical Mechanics (Reif)

    These are the 4 major subjects you should study. You will probably also need to study some specialized topics like Relativity and Atomic/Nuclear Physics for the subject GRE (if you plan to take it).
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