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I am Clueless about source controls

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    My company uses MS TFS for source controlling and I find this really difficult because we have to code on VMs (log on VMs and handle the code in TFS). I would like to make a suggestion to change this into SVN using command line or Tortoise GUI tools. But the client seems not to let publicly seen its software code. As you might know, coding through VMs is odd because it is really slow (GUI graphics drawn and redrawn). Thank you for any ideas.
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    Is the issue of TFS vs SVN one of speed or do you just personally find it harder to use? If that's the case (and there are no others on the team who agree) then you might want to simply dedicate some time to getting better with it. If it's an issue where you can gather some quantifiable data to show quicker usage or something like that, then gather it on your own and present it in a coherent and persuasive manner.

    Talk to colleagues and supervisors and see if they feel the same as well.
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