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I am thinking of opting Electrical engineering for physics

  1. Jul 6, 2015 #1
    I am getting an integrated MTech degree in Electrical engineering I have always been interested in Physics, but I opted EE. I mean it is the time of admissions and I am talking about the choices i have. I chose integrated msc over mtech. I want to know if I can pursue research in Physics after that.. I know all the perks of being an engineer job and career wise, but I am only concerned about a research career in Physics.
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    You probably need to ask people familiar with your more local educational system.

    In the US, persuing a PhD in physics with a masters in EE is possible, but would likely take time for the student to catch up and pass the PhD qualifying exams.

    A person with a masters in EE may also get hired onto a physics research project if their particular skill set was needed.
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    Thanks for the Advice mam. I am from India.
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