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Homework Help: I can't work out how to use my calculator pleae help exam sunday

  1. Aug 26, 2011 #1
    1. I have two calculators. including the Texas inspire cx. I can't make either of them work reliably on trig questions. I have an exam sunday and i need to be sure how to use my inspire.

    2. Summation: [50][0.5] + [50][0.07cos35] + [100][0.1cos35] = 13.55

    3. Now i got this formula off my uni text book. However, i consistently get the wrong answer. The internet and the book that came with my inspire are useless.

    Anyone with an inspire or casio fx82au.. please help

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    If you are using degrees in your trig formulas, make sure the calculator is set to degrees rather than radians.
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    Yep right, got it thanks Steamking. Now it works

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