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I don't know -> how does the virtual world work?

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    How does computer download files and send files(from physical perspective, electrical engineering perspective)?
    Electrons, binary code, photons, electromagnetic waves...
    Sorry, my english knowledge is not good :D
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    You are asking for a very long discussion of basics. You should do some research on your own and then ask more specific questions.
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    So where is the start to this research? :D
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    What plan do you recommended to understand these things?
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    An undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering would be a good start.
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    Start with encyclopedia-type websites like HowStuffWorks and Wikipedia. Search on a few terms that you know (computer, Internet, etc.), and in each article you read, you will find other terms that you can use for more searches. After a few days or weeks of reading there, I'm pretty sure you will have some better and more specific questions to ask here.

    When you post a question here, try to post a link or two to what you are reading, to help us see the level of understanding you have and what level the information you are reading is at. That all helps us to help you learn better and more. :smile:
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    The OSI model is a significant number of layers above the electrical engineering level. It is a good idea to have at least a passing level of knowledge from transistors on up when learning about computers. The physics part of transistors is interesting too but less necessary for computer related fields.

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