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I don't know what degree I am really wanting. Help?

  1. Jan 3, 2014 #1
    What i want to do for a career is design stuff such as space craft, stations, colonies, ect. I thought i would need to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, but then i was talking to a friend about it and he said that that would be more of a drafting thing. But when i looked into it i couldn't find any thing like aerospace drafting.

    Dose anyone know what kind of a degree I need?

    Please tell me if i need to add more info and if this has already been asked
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    Well, Mech. E, Electrical E, Aerospace E, or Astrophysics all have a role to play in such things. The hard part is finding a employer who actually does anything space related. Aerospace engineering sounds like a fine choice.
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    Good suggestions.

    OP, drafting is done now by CAD software. Most engineering programs include at least an introduction to CAD. But typically, "drafters" aren't designers -- engineers do the designing.
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    Pretty much any and all types of engineering will be used in future design of spacecraft/colonies...the question is when? However your safest bets are mechanical, electrical, or aerospace.
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    I would go with mechanics and electronics, it would give you a solid foundation (read: understanding of what you want to get into)
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