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I dont know what to deside

  1. Mar 30, 2008 #1
    i hate hate hate hate
    building programs
    although if its for a hoby its ok
    but to sit day and night and to work on a software
    that doent even egsist
    i will spend my life looking in a screen

    on the other hand i like EE because its building something phisical
    some robots and stuff
    but is it will be the same as building a boring project on databases on C++

    or EE is more intresting then software design
    i want to know why to learn EE
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm afraid your question was incomprehensible.

    While I can't answer that, I can recommend that you take some English classes. Engineers spend a lot more time writing and speaking than one might imagine. It's not enough to design something; you need to document and defend it as well.
  4. Mar 30, 2008 #3
    programming is involved in EE, but it's not all programming. If you want something more physical, maybe you'd like mechanical
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