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I don't know what to do with Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12

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    My dad just bought me Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12 and I have no idea how I should use it, if ever. I'm currently in AP Calculus in high school so I don't know what features I should use that would enhance my learning and understand of math from algebra all the way up to Calculus. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
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    Google is your friend in this case.
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    Mathematica comes with great documentation... don't really know abt Mathcad. In Mathematica, just go to 'Help > documentation'.
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    Your dad bought you over two thousand dollars of professional software for your high school calculus class? :uhh:

    It's essentially useless for you at this level. I'd take it all back and put the money into a CD to help fund your college education.

    - Warren
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    I was thinking the same thing Chroot. That's a lot of higher end software for learning how to do derivatives.
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    Wait this software is worth over two thousand dollars? Do you think I can use it to do my homework more efficiently? Do college students use it to do their homework assignments?
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    If your Dad bought the full blown version and not the student version. Yes. It is very expensive.

    College students use it. Professionals use it. It is a very powerful piece of software. I use it quite often. You can use it, but you have to put in some extra time to learn how to use it.

    There is a 5 minute tour that you can take. It has a link in the start up pane when you start the program. Did you look at that?
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    My dad bought the student version. So do you guys think it would be faster (than writing) to do my assignments this way? Would my teacher allow me to turn in my homework using this piece of software as long as I show my work?

    You can basically do everything you can by writing (i.e. graphing, etc.) and everything on Mathematica right?
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