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I give up

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    Sigh. I give up. I've mentioned before that I was thinking of suicide, but I've reconsidered it, and I'm just going to take the fail like a man, and work as a cashier for the rest of my life. I'm tired of it.

    So long PhysicsForums.
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    Can I ask what happened??

    You sound like you're going through a rough time... :frown:
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    Watch this.

    This thread right here might be able to help you out a little.


    You have over 100 posts, so I think it's apparent that you've been around here for quite some time. I'll tell you this:

    This forum makes everybody feel stupid some times.

    I have (legitamately) well over 100 posts, yet my counter only says 50 or so. Do you know why? It's because I don't know nearly enough about science to contribute frequently in the threads that actually up my post count. I roam around the General Discussion section frequently, because I love the people here, and still want to post here without having to delve into the internet researching a question for half an hour to answer somebody's question.

    The smarter the people that you surround and compare yourself with are, the less smart you feel. That's because all you end up seeing are people answering extremely complex math problems with ease, and it can be discouraging that maybe you don't know what the hell is going on.

    I can tell you this much: In my eyes, you're smarter than 80% of the public. Around 20 percent of the public is considered scientifically literate. Yet, here you are, on a forum for Physics. Not only did you recognize that science is important, but you took the initiative to become part of a community that feels the same way as you.

    I take it that being a cashier isn't the ideal job that you had in mind, that's okay. What that doesn't mean, is that you should just settle for it because you're having some rough times. Maybe you went to college, and pursued a degree in any branch of science, or engineering, or you wanted to be a computer programmer, and for any number of reasons, it didn't work out.

    That's fine. In the words of Neil Degrasse Tyson, "I don't want a world where everyone is a scientist. That would be boring." Not everybody is made to do everything. I take it that science interests you, and that's great, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a career in science is necessarily made for you. That still doesn't mean that you should give up. Maybe you went into the wrong field, and another one would suit you perfectly.

    I don't know what type of situation you are in, but I know that you will work things out. Don't settle for a job that you don't want, especially if you believe that you can do better. Study harder, use this forum for help. I don't know of a single person here who would turn down the oppurtunity to help you turn your life around for the better.

    Surround yourself with people who care about you. Don't care about what others think of you, just find people who you like, and who like you back. No matter what type of person you are, there's always somebody out there who would find you to be a great friend.

    You're a strong person, and I somehow know that from your few sentences. I've never had depression, and have fortunately never had to contemplate suicide. Despite not having gone through the same hardships as you, I still recognize that it takes a strong person to overcome suicide. You've made it this far. You're still alive because you realize that you have something to live for.

    We're all here for you, even if you think that nobody is.
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