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I had a dream where I couldn't breathe?

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    So I had to go sleep in my parents room because my dad went to work and my stepmom was working (3rd shift), so I went to bed with my younger siblings. I don't really remember much of my dream, but I remember some main parts.
    •whenever I would walk, I couldn't breathe
    •I couldn't move without having trouble breathing
    •I couldn't inhale, only exhale
    I also remember the main thing in my dream. I had a very big bruise on my rib. It started from below my armpit to my waist. It was at least a 4-5 inches wide. I don't really have these kinds of dreams. I also woke up breathing really heavy and cold.
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    It is impossible to tell, what had caused your dreams. Everything between totally incidental and a warning sign of your body is possible. As you can imagine, it will be best to consult a doctor whether there are real world signs according to your dream.

    In any case, the internet is the wrong place to look for advice. Even the websites which propose especially medical advice have to be seen extremely skeptical. There is nothing that can substitute a medical examination except a medical examination.

    So, especially if those dreams will return, please consult a doctor.

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