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I have never finished my M.Sc.

  1. Sep 7, 2013 #1
    Hi Guys!,

    I am new in the forum and I want to ask for some advice regarding my carrier path. Here is my story in short:

    I am a third year PhD student (mathematical modeling of turbulent flows). I finished my B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) in the best 20% of my generation and went for a M.Sc. in the same field. However, when I was almost ready with the M.Sc. I got a research fellowship and then another one and then another one and finally I got a PhD fellowship. Since I had some economical problems and was sure that I wanted to work in the academia the rest of my life (or at least I want to try to do it), I accepted all these fellowships and never finished my Master.

    Do you think I could have some problems in the future finding a postdoctoral position because I did not finish my master?.. Should I try to finish it?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    In sweden you can only start a doctorate after you finish your masters I think USA is the only country where you go from Bachelors to doctorate. And yes i realize that you read the same courses during doctorate but as a master student your focus is on the courses its better i think.
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    It might be an issue if, for example, you failed out, or were kicked out, but somehow managed to get into a PhD at another school. But if it was just a question of you choosing to follow a better opportunity, then no, bailing on the MSc is not likely to present any roadblocks.
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    What is required to complete the MSc?

    You probably have all of the coursework ... just need to write a thesis on a research project?

    Talk to your adviser ... you may be able to "double up". Sometimes when you are in a PhD program you only need to complete the course work for the MS if the other department approves.
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