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I love biology and physics but I'm not sure what to study

  1. Oct 23, 2015 #1
    I love biology and want to go into research but I also love physics and want to become a physicist. In the UK you can only study one at degree level and there are no joint or double majors. So, I need some advice. Thanks
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    There is in fact a field of study 'biophysics', perhaps you should look into that.
    Here's a place to start

    It lists high quality biophysics courses available in UK, and while the site is intended as resource for students outside of the UK, it's probably useful as well to those who already are resident in the UK.

    On examination these institutions above are all offering postgraduate biophysics courses, but nevertheless they can probably advise you
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    Thanks for your reply but they are postgraduate courses and I am applying as an undergraduate.
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    I have looked into this a lot. And there are a few courses but they aren't great or they're offered at universities that I don't want to attend. So its either one of the other. This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make
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    My experience is with north america, but for what it's worth...

    Getting into biophysics for graduate work and beyond is usually done by going through physics. Physics graduates tend to be able to pick up biology more frequently than biology graduates physics up physics.

    If you're interested in medical physics... you need to go with physics.

    If you're interested in medicine, you can get into medical school via either route provided you cover the pre-requisite course. Physics grads tend to do well in medical school admissions.

    You might also be interested in some payscale data that suggests physics graduates tend to have higher median salaries than biology graduates.
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    Thanks for your reply, it was helpful. Salary doesnt matter to me much, I just want to study what I love. And I am leaning towards physics. And in the UK no physics degree can get you into medical school. Everything to do with that has something to do with chemistry. But thanks
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