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I miss physics, accouting is so dull

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    Sometimes I could just throw this book against the wall. I have never taken a subject that was so dull as accounting, save for anthropolgy. I enjoyed physics so much because it involved the challenge of solving problems and really made you think about what exactly was happening, visualizing the action and mentally seeing the graph in your head. Accounting, well is just that, accounting. I will say that I've found cost accounting to be much interesting than financial accounting just because I see the value in its day to day use, but it's still mostly memorization and mechanical math. Also, why can't any of my accounting or finance books use decent math notation? No subscripts, using what should be an exponent as a notation, and using letter after letter for variables. Then again I was the only business major in my uni physics class. Anyone else taking something dull this summer?
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    Maybe it's just your teacher. According to everyone else I've known who's taken accounting, it's a mind-expanding rollercoaster ride.
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    I'm taking accounting. It's brutal. Two more courses for me and I have my accounting diploma!
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    accounting is not for everyone, so is physics.
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    Switch to physics, dear god switch to physics! I just cannot understand why anyone would voluntarily pursue an accounting degree. (No offense to those who do.)
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    probably as a backup plan
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    Actually I'm a Finance major, but the only difference is about 4 more accounting classes account majors take vesus about 4 investment classes I will have to take. Its not so bad if you've worked in a business enviroment (I've done quite a bit of bookkeeping) before, its just dull. Physics just opens the mind up and makes you start seeing things differently. Since I took physics I don't put the bluetooth in my ear for long lengths of time because I know the E field is much weaker in my ash tray in my truck (makes a good Faraday cage as well, lol) and i'm scared 10 years from now everyone will have brain cancer from wearing them all day. Its just fun to have a better understanding how things work. I can't say I get the same joy out of reading financial statements. I know it will get more interesting as I near completion.
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