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I need a good book on Tanspot process.

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    I'm a BME undergrad and am in what I and many of the people talk to agree is the hardest class they have ever taken. Its a junior level transport phenomena class for biomedical engineers. One of the problems that I think Im having is that in my opinion the book is horrible in that there are few examples and there is no solutions manual or answers in the back of the book so it is really hard to learn this stuff beside the fact that its probably a tough subject anyways. So what I want to do is find a book with alot of examples and and a solutions manual maybe that I can use to help better understand what Im doing. The class is biotransport process, so I know alot of chemE's and matE's take very similar courses and figure you guys might have some experience with some better books. Also just for your reference the book that I have is "Transport phenomena in biological systems" by Trusky.
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    I thought I posted this yesterday, but I must not have hit the post button. What I was going to say is that it must be a small world in the transport realm since thats the same book my teacher mentioned the other day when I asked this question. Sad thing is that I look online at the schools library to see if they had it and the message said that the book was missing(I wander diffused its way out of the library in someones backpack).
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