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I need a recommendation on a book for Lagrangian Mechanics

  1. Jul 3, 2014 #1
    I have just started studying Lagrangian Mechanics, and I can find decent material on the internet that describes the theory behind it, several proofs on equivalence and even some good solved examples.

    However, I would really appreciate if someone could recommend a book that has some of the following features:

    1. Solved problems with mechanical constraints
    2. Solved problems with geometric constraints

    Now I'd like to be more clear on this issue. I refer to mechanical constraints as say a pin connecting two rods or even two welded rods, basically things of this nature.

    Geometric constrains are say a 3D function that would define some kind of a field in which the particle would move.

    I realize that what I'm asking might even be outside of the nature of Lagrangian Mechanics, and I'd be glad if someone could help, at least guide me to the set of problems that I could solve using Lagrangian.

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    Have a look at this thread. Also see the free book by Lawden here, unfortunately the writing is a little blurred.

    Also look here.
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