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I need some help with a simple, battery-powered car

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to construct a simple battery-powered electric car. I have a simple, albeit working, motor with a 9V battery, ceramic magnets, and a coil made of thin magnetic wire. When the circuit is closed and I put the magnets in some location underneath the coil, a simple flick will get it spinning.

    Now my question is how can I turn this into mechanical energy that can turn an axle? I'm having trouble hooking up such thin magnetic wire to the axle with wheels. The wheels are small rubber ones from a toy car, so I could always change that. Right now the motor is simply built on a cardboard base, so I'm just having trouble with the logistics of actually utilizing the motor. I'm fairly inexperienced at physics, especially a project like this, so any advice would really be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Not sure what you mean by magnetic wire. I hope it is just copper wire.

    First, you need to get a rotating shaft with enough torque that it is difficult to stop it with your fingers. It must also be self starting because you won't be able to flick it when it is in the car. Otherwise get a commercial motor. 9V batteries are expensive so get a 3 Volt motor if you are getting one.
    You then put a small pulley on this shaft and a larger one on the back axle which turns with the wheels. The wheels must be bigger than the rear pulley (or the pulley will drag on the ground.)
    You then arrange a belt to connect the two pulleys together.
    Put some front wheels on it, mount your motor, and it might go.

    Find a good hobby store in your area. They will have all sorts of stuff you can use.
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    Good luck!
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