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I need to know about CPUs for normal office work

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    i am going to buy a new PC but i need to know what CPU i need
    dual core or amd athlon64 fx?
    i only need the computer for office work and i will use winXP
    and in the future i will use Vista
    but what should i use dual core or athlon or normal p4 or sempron:confused:
    thank you for your help:cry:
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    Buy the one that fits your budget.
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    If all you're doing is word processing and spreadsheets and the like, get the cheapest one that has the user interface features you want. The screen and keyboard and other interface components are going to be much more important than the kind of processor inside.

    In fact, I'd venture that 90% of computer users have no need for any specific processor. I stopped caring what kind of processors are in my personal computers about ten years ago. The only consumer applications that really demand a fast processor are video editing and gaming.

    - Warren
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    Both Integral and warren are right. Just to make the current picture a little more clear though: There is no p4 anymore and pretty much all processors sold today are dual core. If you go through regular pc manufacturers, you're likely to see:

    Intel Core Duo
    Intel Core2 Duo
    Intel Celeron
    Intel Celeron2 Duo
    AMD Athlon 64 X2
    Athlon FX 64
    AMD Sempron

    The Sempron and Celeron are the low-end processors, but if you have no specific requirement for processing power (such as games or video editing), it won't hurt you to get one, and you'll save some money in so doing. And pretty much all computers today have all the bells-and-whistles you could possibly want for anything you acutally need besides for gaming. Network cards, usb, cd burners, etc. all come standard on virtually all computers. It is truly a good time to need to buy a computer.
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